DS Series Water Defrosting Evaporator

1. Product description:
The water defrosting evaporator is the cooling equipment inside the cooler room that is not suited for electric or quick defrosting method.  By the temperature, it can be divided into 3 series: DLS, DDS, DJS, each suited for the room requiring 0℃,-18℃ and -25℃.
This series has the following characteristics:
1. The shell is of good steel plate, with plastic spray surface, which is corrosion-resistant and beautiful outlook.
2. The coil is crossed-arranged, using the mechanic method to expand the tube, which make the copper tube and the aluminum fin jointed closely, to achieve the good heat exchange effect.
3. Water-defrosting method, with quick speed, good effect and less energy consumption.
4. The long distance air or explosion proof motor can be used by the customer requirement.
5. Specification is as the PDF file.

2. Model code: