XJQ Series Hermetic & Box Type Condensing Units(Copeland ZB compressor)

1. Product description:
The unit can meet the requirement for -5℃~10℃,-10℃~-18℃, widely used for hotel, restaurants, food, medicines, agricultural, chemicals industries etc.
This series have the following characteristic:
1. Structure of integrated box type, compact and perfect outlook.
2. Copland ZB hermetic scroll compressor, less vibration, lower noise, and reliable performance.
3. Heat exchanger of copper tube & aluminum fin, good efficiency of heat exchange and long life span.
4. 6 pole fans for side direction, and external rotor fan for the top direction,  low noise of fan performance.
5. Built-in terminal box, easy to connect.  
6. Shut-off valve for inlet and outlet pipes, easy to install and make maintenance.

2. Model code:


3. Unit component
●Compressor  ●Condenser  ●Liquid reservoir  ●Filter  ●Solenoid valve  ●Pressure controller
●High & low voltage meter  ●Connector valve of inlet and outlet pipes  ●Terminal box of units